How working on a text editor on a computer inherently supports stream of conciousness approach to thinking/ writing is so much better on a computer!

A wide variety of text editing packages for computers has made editing text on computers very convenient. The packages range from basic text editors to ones used by actual publishers. There is however a commonality between all these packages and the commonality is how they are inherently different from writing on paper. Writing on paper constrains you. Once you have filled the space on a piece of paper with an exposition on a particular idea that space gets consumed and in a sense that it is no longer open for more ideas or a revision of the original idea. Now you can say that there is always more paper, surely there is, but is writing on a new piece of paper, (not in the vicinity of your original idea) the same experience? I have found that it is not the case most of the time, a blank piece of paper hinders the though process and in a way you need to scale the summit for the original idea again.

This is where computer based text editors make all the difference, you never need to worry about the “space” getting consumed. You can always go back to the text that you were working with, add new lines and fill them with a new idea that occured to you when you were way further down in the text. You always remain in the vicinity of what you wrote earlier and it helps reinforce what you want to write now. You can think of multiple things at a time and go back and change them when you will to do so and this in a way promotes more new ideas. So you are always thinking, going from one though to another, without halting or worrying about anything else, which is incredible!


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